The road to monument valley

Posted 10 December, 2007 by graham in usa

The road to monument valley, originally uploaded by GrahamKing.

On the Utah / Arizona border, in the distance is the iconic Monument Valley. It’s appeared in many Westerns, Marlboro adverts, 2001, and other some such. Follow the link for the Wikipedia page with photos – you’ll recognize it straight away.
I found it a little underwhelming in person, although still photogenic. It’s large red rocks in a large plain of desert and scrub. So is most of the Southwestern United States.
The whole area is in a Navajo Reservation, which didn’t seem to make any difference to us driving through, buying gas and snacks, taking photos, and, euh, leaving. You don’t enter into the subtleties of tribal administration when you have to get to Colorado by nightfall.

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