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We spent our second night on the trip camping by lake Bunyoni. It is the deepest and (I think) highest lake in Uganda. Idi Amin used to have his holiday home there. Now he’s gone and it’s a very nice place indeed.
The next morning we took a boat over to the other side of the lake to rendez-vous with the truck. Then we drove through the mountains to the Rwandan border. The drive was stunning, and very very bumpy.
We crossed into Rwanda at a very small border post with no hassle. Uganda was mostly mud roads, so it was pleasant to find tarmac in Rwanda.
So far it seems more prosperous than Uganda whereas I expected the opposite. Apparently this is because Ruhengeri is the only part tourists ever visit, to go gorilla tracking (we go tomorrow), so there is lots of ‘gorilla money’ around.

Today we visited the Batwa people (the ones dancing in the pictures), sometimes also called pygmies even though they are not very small. They were hunter / gatherers until very recently until the government re-settlement them as subsitence farmers. They are not yet all that keen on it. They danced and sang for us, great music and dancing. They we poked our noses round their village whilst the kids stared at us and pointed.
Janette lent her camera to one of them who took really good pictures with it.
Then off to the banana beer brewers and a stroll through some jungle. Make sure you check the photos on our Flickrs.

Tomorrow we go gorilla trekking!!

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