Postcard from Zion

Posted 30 November, 2007 by graham in usa

Postcard from Zion, originally uploaded by GrahamKing.

Zion National Park, in Utah. What a pretty pretty park. Cars are not allowed very far in. All transport is by shuttle bus, which keeps the park quiet, and allowed us to go to a beer festival (yes in Utah!- pictures coming soon).

If you’re wondering why there are all of a sudden lots of pictures on this blog, it’s because I’ve discovered Flickr’s ‘Blog This’ feature. We’ve been uploading pictures to Flickr regularly for a while, and they show up on the right hand side, but I realised I write more in the Flickr picture description than here, so now I can link the two. Yee-hah! You can always click the pictures and select ‘All sizes’ if you want a large version.

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