Indian beer is rubbish

Posted 8 September, 2007 by graham in india

The most common beer here is Kingfisher. It is acceptable but has a unpleasant chemical after-taste. Cobra tastes like water with caramel flavouring. Disgusting! The Cobra in Britain is very different and much better. These beers are labelled as ‘Alcohol content below 5%’.
The best beer so far has been Thunderbolt, labelled as ‘Alcohol content between 5.25% and 8.25%’. It’s still not great.
Africa, by comparison, had very good beer. Each country had only one bottler (who also has the Coca-Cola / Fanta / Sprite concession, and controls the bottled water, one hell of a monopoly, but that’s another blog post) which made one or two beers which were very good, better than British lager.
I shouldn’t be suprised that the beer is bad – the only person I have seen drinking beer here is, well, me.
The tea, however, is very good and very varied. I guess I’m tee-total until Bhutan. We go to Bhutan tomorrow. Yey!

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