Posted 14 August, 2007 by graham in india

We arrived in Mumbai this morning at 2am; what a contrast to rural Africa! There are 16 million people living here, who seem to mostly drive around using their horn.
Hopefully the super-fast Indian net connections will mean we can catch up on our photos.
Tomrrow is Independence Day here, so we’re looking forward to a big celebration. Janette has already bought her India flag just in case anyone thought she supported those evil colonizing Brits.
We’ve already been photographed by some locals, filmed by Indian tourists from Delhi, and appeared in a student documentary on Bollywood. It won’t be long until Bollywood casting directors hear of our arrival.
Dinner was curry, of course, but in a curry house almost identical to a British curry house (except the unfortunate no alcohol rule). Strange, I always assumed British curry wasn’t authentic. Apparently it is.

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