More Woo-Woo than you

Posted 21 September, 2008 by graham in usa

Reincarnation, originally uploaded by GrahamKing.

Southern California was always going to be a little ‘alternative’, spiritual, or as I like to put it, ‘woo-woo’.

Americans are significantly more religious than Europeans, in a spectrum of religions ranging from varieties as dull as the Church of England, all the way to snake handling Pentecostalists. And that’s the official established religions.

Here in Santa Monica the official religion is Yoga, and ‘energy’ and ‘karma’ are common conversational terms.

I expected it, I like it, and it wouldn’t be Southern California without it. But, inevitably, some people always have to out woo-woo everyone else, and I think I found them. This is a flyer placed on all the cars on our street. Take a look.

I don’t think the upside-down image of John Adams (past and present) is intentional.

Yes, you are reading it right, it’s a conference on reincarnation, featuring speeches by a reincarnated Anne Frank and Michelango, music by a reincarnated Edward Grieg, and comedy by the reincarnation of Lauren and Hardy. Seriously. Those people are more woo-woo than you.

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Nancy, September 28th, 2008 at 6:22 pm:

  • LOVE IT! are you going?