On the carriage of goods

Posted 15 July, 2007 by graham in thoughts

In Uganda and Rwanda, most goods are carried on someone’s head, or on the back of a steel bicycle. It is amazing what you can carry on the back of these bikes. Apart from the commercial freight, which thunders by on big lorries, everything else is head or bike. We saw the contents of a house being moved on several people’s heads.
Uganda and Rwanda have cattle, and wild buffalo, but no draught animals. Strange.

In Kenya, there are lots more vehicules, and they have donkeys and carts. What would take one head in Uganda takes two donkeys and a cart in Kenya. Kenya also has the most cars of anywhere we have been yet, and the worst roads.

Tanzania has a combination of head, bike, donkey cart, and car. Tanzania and Kenya also have human carts with car wheels on them.

So far in Malawi I haven’t seen anyone carrying anything. Maybe the Malawians have the secret!

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