An island off an island off an island off Africa

Posted 31 July, 2007 by graham in Madagascar

We’ve been in Madagascar for a week now. We’ve learnt to dive on Tanikely, a small island off Nosy Be, a small island off the North of Madagascar, off Africa. We’re now certified PADI Open Water divers. Yey! If we can find a working credit card machine we might even be leaving this island for the mainland tomorrow to go to the rain forest to see giant lemurs (indri).

A big thanks to everyone at KBCFP for the diving lessons. The card is in the post, so it should be there early next year.

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David King, August 4th, 2007 at 9:42 pm:

  • Thanks for the cards from Nairobi and Zanzibar.

    Madagascar is supposed to be one of the biodiversity capitals of the world – looking forward to seeing the photos. Hope you make the giant lemurs.